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Balboa Water Group - HydroAir
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HydroAir 3 Port Butterfly Jet
Product Code: 54-470-W041  
3 Port Butterfly JetNow the choice for many spa manufactures. Acts as a whirlpool jet and diverter all in one. Attractive and easy-to-use package. Rated at 84gpm at 18psi. Hole size 3-1/4"
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Adjustable VSR Series Jets
Product Code: 54-470-W037  
Adjustable VSR™ Series JetsRotates on low or high speed, with our without air. Through wall installation eliminates the need for silicone. 13gpm at 12psi 3-1/2 hole size. Requires 4-1/2" dia. flat area, 4-1/2" clearance behind
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir Swim Jet (old style)
Product Code: 54-470-W047  
Swim Jet (old style)
Price: Based on Selection
HydroAir VSR Jet Assembly
Product Code: 54-470-W039  
VSR Jet AssemblyVariable Speed and Rotation
  • Rotates on low or high speed
  • Rotates with or without air
  • Rotation and speed adjustable at each jet
  • Requires a 4-5/8" flat area for installation
  • 3-3/8" hole saw size
  • 5-1/2" clearance Price: Based on Selection
  • HydroAir Whirlpool Jet
    Product Code: 54-470-W045  
    Whirlpool JetFeatures 1-1/2"spg water connection and 1/2"s air connection. 1" nozzle, 97gpm @ 13psi. 3/4", 70gpm @ 20psi. Hole size 3-5/16"
    Price: Based on Selection
    3 Port Butterfly Jet 3 1/4 in.
    Swim Jet (old style)
    VSR Jet 3 3/8 in.
    Whirlpool Jet 3 5/16 in.
    Adjustable VSR Series 3 1/2 in.